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B Bristol Farms grocery stores is all about good food, and this new Yorba Linda, California store is no exception. When customers go to the store located in 18421 Yorbana Linda Boulevard the focus is on the food itself and the people.

The lighting in the aisles is strategically designed to provide additional light when customers pull products off the shelf to look at the labels. Davis said the design's intention is to generate an energy flow from the second a customer enters until they check out. The exterior of this store and the store's service department get that energy from friendly staff, "he said.

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Caldecott said that when he proposed the concept for the new store and drew it on a whiteboard, he had three of his top executives with him. On the opening day, April 13, Bob Reeves, president and chief executive officer of Yorba Buena Vista Shopping Center, spoke about the store's importance to him and his employees.

He said a closed patio allows parents to sit and enjoy their food while they know their children are not running around the store. The concept of an open ceiling has helped to create an open-air farmers market, which is part of the mission statement of the Yorba Buena Vista Shopping Center. Just a few hundred yards south, Elsie Watson, a coach at Cafe Rio, taught her students how to roll out food paraphernalia.

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The Greek restaurant Apola Gyro Grill, which was opened in the same building as the Rio Grill Restaurant, which we plan to design and open. We are starting to open a new location in San Francisco, California, just a few blocks from our current location.

More than a dozen other stores are expected to open in the center in the next few months, including a shelf-theater. He said some of those stores were originally scheduled to open in early February, but the rainy season slowed progress. Although Abramowitz lives just a few blocks from the new Rio Grill, he has heard rumors of possible developments there and on the Imperial Highway in Yorba.

The concept of the area was developed during the election and caused debate as it hosted meetings of the City Council and a number of meetings of the Yorba Linda City Council.

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More About Yorba Linda