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I was recently planning a trip to Southern California and was looking for accommodation in the Anaheim area, and I couldn't have been more excited for my recent California getaway, which took place in Yorba Linda. During my stay at YorBA Linda, I have done a number of hikes and nature walks, and some of my favorite places in the area are the Orange County Fairgrounds, San Bernardino National Forest and the Santa Monica Mountains. Popular nearby attractions included John Nixon National Historical Park, California State University, Los Angeles and other local parks and recreational facilities. Yorbana Linda is a great place to explore the beautiful beaches, scenic views and great restaurants and bars in Anaheim.

If you're visiting Yorba Linda and are interested in American history and politics, the Nixon Presidential Library is worth a visit. Located at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains in the San Bernardino National Forest, this library is often derided, except that it often turns out to be Truman's final resting place. Visitors can stand near the graves of Truman, Reagan and others, and there is even a memorial to Abraham Lincoln and Rutherford Hayes dedicated in Springfield, Illinois.

Weekly rates at the Quality Inn go up later in the week, so try to stay on Sunday or Wednesday to get the cheapest trip. Both locations offer the option of booking together, with a two-night stay for $1,000 per night or $2,500 per week for a four-day stay.

If you are travelling with a group, the best time to reserve multiple rooms is from May to November, but remember to consider good rates for suites. Those who want to experience outdoor adventures in warm weather and without the potentially stifling heat can do so in the summer months. But if you're looking for great beach and pool weather, plan your visit from July to early September for the hottest days.

If the stay is less than seven days, guests pay for the entire stay, one week each. If your reservation is cancelled, it must be cancelled within 30 days of check-in and the price shown will be debited from the credit card that contains the reservation. Guests paying the weekly rate pay the price of their stay at check-in and for stays longer than seven days the price is not paid. For stays of more than five days or less than three weeks, or for stays of more than two weeks or more, the guest must pay one week in advance.

The month is payable on the first night of the stay and does not exceed $50 tax per month per pet. You will be charged for the entire stay, no more than $150 pet tax, payable at check-in - and in full at the end of your stay. The monthly rate is $1,500 per week, $2,000 per day and $3,100 per night if not exceeded by a 50% tax on pets.

Guests who cancel or fail to show within 24 hours of their prepayment will lose their non-refundable deposit of $3 per night. Guests who cancel, cancel or fail to show up will lose their deposit, including taxes, and their entire stay in full.

It is the policy and practice of Extended Stay America to require advance payment from guests in all rooms and all rooms.

Please note the key package you will receive at check-in to plan your cleaning services for the day. Fresh towels and bed linen are available for 1 - 7 nights, and if necessary, soap and toilet paper are refilled, garbage emptied, beds made with existing bed linen, towels changed and replaced, dirty towels, empty garbage, soap, toilets and paper, etc. If necessary, fresh towels and bed linen are available, bed linen and towels have been changed, garbage and garbage emptied.

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With over 100 newly renovated studio suites, you can find clean, modern and spacious accommodation at an affordable price. In our Ayres Suites, you can take a refreshing dip in our heated pool or spa, enjoy our complimentary delicious American breakfast, relax on the putting green, have a drink in the evening and much more.

More About Yorba Linda

More About Yorba Linda